Reach BETA

An exploration of darkness,
remoteness and presence

A project for Sanctuary 2017

R—each: A new work

for Sanctuary 2017

What is R—each?

Reach is a collaborative platform that explores ways of using online participation to construct offline physical artworks.

The aim is to capture public responses to Sanctuary's key themes for an artist to then use in their physical work in the remote Galloway Forest.

The first artist to use Reach was Tim Shaw. Creative responses to the themes of darkness, remoteness and silence.were used in a unique artwork which only existed at Sanctuary for 24 hours in the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park in Scotland on 23-24 September 2017.

Reach was conceived by the curators of Sanctuary and is supported and funded by The Space and Creative Scotland. New Media Scotland have supported the development of the work.

Sanctuary 2017

What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a 24-hour art event exploring darkness, technology and place in the stunning landscape of the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park in South West Scotland.

The event is a laboratory for creative experimentation in an offline, remote setting. Sanctuary creates a space for participatory artworks that range from digital and sound works to radio transmissions, video, performance, experimental labs, and talks.

The Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park is a specially designated area that is low in light pollution. Remote, beautiful and mostly ‘electronically dark’, the park is an opportunity to consider both the environment and the absence of today’s pervasive technology, exploring what is possible by being present in an unconnected place.

Find out more about visiting Sanctuary 2017. Sanctuary is curated by artists Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman.


Who is Tim Shaw?

Tim Shaw is an artist interested in the relationship between site and technology. Presenting work through musical performances, installations and site-responsive interventions his practice attempts to expose the mechanics of systems and to reveal the hidden aspects of technology. Tim has presented artwork all over Europe, in the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. He currently works as a lecturer in Digital Media at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

Find out more about Tim Shaw's work.

About The Space

The Space is a commissioning and development organisation, established by Arts Council England and the BBC and working in partnership with Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales and Arts Council of Northern Ireland to support greater digital access to the arts. The Space is committed to supporting and facilitating the UK arts sector to realise its digital ambitions. The organisation commissions arts projects, offers online audience and digital skills development, and provides a production and distribution pipeline to ensure that these projects reach a wide and diverse range of audiences.

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